DIY {lately}

*Critter masks - Fox, Raccoon, Skunk
*Sun Jar
*Mason Jar Drinking Cups w/lid and steel straws
*Journal (in progress)

I've been in such letsmakesomething mood lately, but all of my craft stuff is so disorganized. I hope I get it into gear and actually create things on a much more regular basis. I have a sweater I have been "working on" for almost two years now. I really want to finish it because it will be adorable, but I hate picking up projects that have been on hold for so long. It's like starting completely over. My goal is to at least start on my journal project and pick up on my sweater before the end of September. I think that is giving myself way more time than I really should to get motivated on something fun.

Other than that exciting information, I will be completing my last college class ever in five days. Specifically I have one quiz and one exam left. I got some gifts for my parents and wrapped them today as a thank you for paying for college. I plan on giving them their presents next week, the day after I am done. I also fashioned my own college sweater by ordering a SDSU iron-on patch and buying a super cute cardigan in red. Much more retro, much cheaper, and much more wearable than the school store.

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer and they have wonderful plans to celebrate the coming end of the season. Onward to fall please!

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