I cannot believe the last time I posted was at the beginning of the school semester. Goes to show you starting school (at a new school), moving, and a million zillion other things leads to not wasting much time doing stuff like blogging. I feel like the past five months has raced by in slow motion. (That makes perfect sense, trust me). I not only took the five courses that I listed in my last post, but I brilliantly added another fast track course half way through the semester. I took six, count 'em, six classes this semester. I also did pretty well overall and did a whole lotta coursework. I'm happy to be [almost] through with my semester and pulling off mostly A's and B's with only one C (in Geology). Our apartment is now certainly a home and my roommates are delightful boys. One of which is now my fiancé. Andrew proposed just before my birthday in November and I couldn't be more thrilled to be engaged. I would love to start planning a beautiful wedding that I want to personally craft (craft being the key word here) myself...but alas, school blows and I must finish.

Overall, my life is work, school, and Andrew. I try to see friends, but my friends are just as busy or tired as I am. I have so many art supplies, craft items, materials, cameras (yes, plural), yada yada yada, in our bedroom that I'm beginning to think they are taking over. Unfortunately, I hardly touch any of it due to my godawful schedule.

Now that I've gone through the "this is this and that is that" onto:

I love this time of year and really wish school didn't get in the way of enjoying it. Finals really cramp my style. I have a million things to knit, a billion cookies to bake, and a zillion lights to look at. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant New Year.


New School, New Place, New Life.

There have been so many new things going on lately and I have been so unmotivated oddly. However, let us get through the new and exciting before I get into the old and the boring.

New School:
I will be attending SDSU this fall and I am determined to only leave this school with a diploma in my hand. I transfered to State from San Marcos (which I transfered to from Southwestern) as a junior in Sociology. The most exciting news is I should only have three semesters remaining. Unfortunately, each of those semesters will have me registering for 15 units. But alas, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I am indeed taking five classes this semester, to ensure my graduation date be sooner rather than later. I will be taking:
• Anthropology 439 - Cultural Comparison Through Film
• Geology 303 - Natural Disasters
• Soc 250 - Introduction To Social Research
• Soc 401 - Social Theory
• RWS 305 - Writng In Various Settngs

I feel as though my semester will be very well-rounded and I hope to be interested in my classes.

New Apartment:
Andrew, Ty, and I will be moving to North Park in September. Nichole and Wesley's building had a few units open and Wesley is the onsite manager so he showed us the two bedroom. Our applications were accepted and we will be moving in a couple of weeks. I am excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. I think I am overwhelmed because school will be starting the same week we will be moving, plus the three of us are going to a music festival in LA on the 4th of September. (Bored all summer and now everything is happening at once.) It will be interesting to live with boys, one of them being my boyfriend. I have a hunch I will quickly become the mom of the house and I suppose that's okay.

Luckily, the only big item we need to buy is a couch. I have two coffee tables (one of which can be used to set the television on), most of what we need for our kitchen, and a dining table. We don't think there will be enough room for a dining table, but I really like my table and hope it fits. There are a few other items that we will need to get over time, but a sofa is top priority.

Other News:
Not a thing. I thing starting school and moving is enough for now. I will be much happier come October once we are settled, school is in full swing, I have adjusted to my work schedule changing, and hopefully it will be crisp and autumn-like.

I hope all is well with you and you have something to look forward to. =)



i am most certainly not packing when i should be. Seattle here I come...tomorrow!


Seattle, WA

Andrew and I leave on the fourth of July and make our way up to Seattle. We (mainly just me) are very excited for the trip. I loved Seattle last time I was there and called my dad to tell him I wasn't coming home (I was about 11 years old and apparently not allowed to make that decision). We plan on going to the Space Needle, the Experience the Music Project, Art Museum, Pike Place Market, and the original Starbucks. If we have time, a mom I sit for gave be some suggestions of where to go after emailing her sister-in-law, who lives up there. We are also going to take the Amtrak down to Vancouver, WA to visit family friends. So exicted! Yay travel!


More to come, but just for now.

I tend to ignore my blog on a regular basis and I really wish I wouldn't. It can be a wonderful release and a way to share some things I have been interested in.

Recently, I have been picking up my knitting. I really needed something to do and be creative with. I have felt very dull and plain lately and my life has been excitementless for quite awhile now. (work has been my only routine lately. blegh.) Anyways, I finally started the sweater I bought materials for back in December. This is the sweater I'm working on.

I am very excited about it! This will be my third knit sweater and I plan on really investing a lot into it. I want it to fit really well and I really want to understand it so I can design my own patterns in the future. I hope to have it done before it gets cold. Seeing as how the first day of summer was just the other day, I think I will have plenty of time.

I recently went through my closet and got rid of (sold or donated) half of my clothes. Clothes have always been so frustrating to me. I know what I want, but I can never find it in the stores or in my price range. I found some look books online that can inspire what I'm looking for while shopping, but ultimately I hope to work on my sewing skills so I can start making my own clothes. I bought some patterns at Joann's and plan on completing at least a skirt before my summer break from work is over.

And yes, I said summer break! Since I work at a school, I get time off. Since I work at a lame school where the kids are complete slackers, we only get a week and a half off. Although I would love more time off, I would not love my non existent paycheck because of the time off. To get to the point, I will be off from work the 30th through the 12th. I really wanted to go up to Seattle sometime during that week, but plane tickets are just too expensive. If anyone has a suggestion of where I could go for a few days (driving), I would really appreciate it. I need a change of pace from the normal routine, I think.

I plan on writing once a week and I will post some pictures of my sweater progress soon. So, don't click off...there will be more to come.

All the best, to you and yours.


I tend to ignore this.

1. When do you feel happiest?
when i am with andrew and we have nothing to do and no where to be.

2. How do you take care of yourself?
i attempt to eat as healthy as possible. i am a pesctarian. i am trying to get back into the habit of exercising daily. i take the time to understand my feelings and emotions and my mental health has drastically improved.

3. Are you internally (by yourself) or externally (by others) motivated?
completely internal.

4. What do you do for fun?
trips to disneyland. trips to record stores. crafty things.

5. What intimidates you?
immaturity. it shouldn't. but i never know what to do with those whom are immature.

6. What is something you're proud of?

7. Finish this sentence. I never _____________.
want to feel defined. i like the idea of continually discovering.

8. Favorite vacation spot.
somewhere i have never been before.

9. Today is a (rate from 1 - 10).
eight. back to work, blegh, but still on my coachella high.

10. Finish this sentence. If you knew me really well you'd know _____________.
i name things. such as: the stone turtle outside my house is basil. the crawfish in nichole's car is chauncy. the plastic lizard in my bathroom is henry. i name most everything.


Hooray for airplanes!

Leaving for Minnesota tomorrow. I'm really excited. I've never been to that part of the country and it will be Andrew and my first real trip together. I love visiting new places and I can't wait to see what is in store.


Does that make me a quitter?

I was offered a job tutoring for $20/hr and I did all of the paperwork, got set up, read through all of the information and manuals, and then I decided that it was more of a commitment than I was hoping for. I decided to not accept the position (or I suppose quit) because I didn't want this much responsibility. I have a track record of deciding to do something and then if I am not happy with the decision I back out. I can see where this could be a bad quality, but I figure overall I am a responsible person and I don't continue with things because they make me unhappy or depressed and stressed.

I am lucky to have a steady job already and Bill (the book guy at Charter) offers me more hours at work if I want them. I proctor the SATs about once a month. I also babysit at least once a month. I was accepted to SDSU in the fall, and I want the time and sanity to do well there.

Sometimes I just get really down on myself for making decisions and then changing my mind. I know in the end I go about the final decision in the right way for myself, but it is still discouraging to let down other people.


can it be coachella time yet? please?


the indie rock coloring book.

i was greeted kindly with the indie rock coloring book when i came home from work today.

i have already colored a page and a half and i love it.


New phone is no more. I decided to stick to my simple phone for now. I would prefer an iPhone.


new phone.

I'm trying to get used to the droid. If anyone has tips let me know.

new phone.

I'm trying to get used to the droid. If anyone has tips let me know.