Seattle, WA

Andrew and I leave on the fourth of July and make our way up to Seattle. We (mainly just me) are very excited for the trip. I loved Seattle last time I was there and called my dad to tell him I wasn't coming home (I was about 11 years old and apparently not allowed to make that decision). We plan on going to the Space Needle, the Experience the Music Project, Art Museum, Pike Place Market, and the original Starbucks. If we have time, a mom I sit for gave be some suggestions of where to go after emailing her sister-in-law, who lives up there. We are also going to take the Amtrak down to Vancouver, WA to visit family friends. So exicted! Yay travel!


More to come, but just for now.

I tend to ignore my blog on a regular basis and I really wish I wouldn't. It can be a wonderful release and a way to share some things I have been interested in.

Recently, I have been picking up my knitting. I really needed something to do and be creative with. I have felt very dull and plain lately and my life has been excitementless for quite awhile now. (work has been my only routine lately. blegh.) Anyways, I finally started the sweater I bought materials for back in December. This is the sweater I'm working on.

I am very excited about it! This will be my third knit sweater and I plan on really investing a lot into it. I want it to fit really well and I really want to understand it so I can design my own patterns in the future. I hope to have it done before it gets cold. Seeing as how the first day of summer was just the other day, I think I will have plenty of time.

I recently went through my closet and got rid of (sold or donated) half of my clothes. Clothes have always been so frustrating to me. I know what I want, but I can never find it in the stores or in my price range. I found some look books online that can inspire what I'm looking for while shopping, but ultimately I hope to work on my sewing skills so I can start making my own clothes. I bought some patterns at Joann's and plan on completing at least a skirt before my summer break from work is over.

And yes, I said summer break! Since I work at a school, I get time off. Since I work at a lame school where the kids are complete slackers, we only get a week and a half off. Although I would love more time off, I would not love my non existent paycheck because of the time off. To get to the point, I will be off from work the 30th through the 12th. I really wanted to go up to Seattle sometime during that week, but plane tickets are just too expensive. If anyone has a suggestion of where I could go for a few days (driving), I would really appreciate it. I need a change of pace from the normal routine, I think.

I plan on writing once a week and I will post some pictures of my sweater progress soon. So, don't click off...there will be more to come.

All the best, to you and yours.