Brisk weather makes me happy (and gives me headaches, so i wear beanies...beanies also make me happy)

The other night our bell was rung late in the evening. (late for not expecting anyone...so like 8:30 or 9:00) When we answered the door there was a white piece of paper taped to our door with the word "Boo" on it. On our door step was a gift basket full of Halloween goodies. Basically, someone in our neighborhood started this chain doorbell ditch thing. We are now supposed to anonymously leave two other neighbors Halloween treats. I officially like my new neighborhood (it only took me a year). So, I volunteered to put together the gift baskets and this is what I came up with:

I wanted to make sugar skulls Dia de los Muertos style, but I wasn't able to find a place that sold the molds. I still want to make some though, so if anyone knows where I can find a skull mold to make sugar skulls I would really appreciate the tip. We also added popcorn balls and two Halloween themed cookie cutters to each ghost pail. I think my dad is going to deliver them tomorrow evening and wanted me to go with him.

Last night, Tina and I took the trolley downtown to see Santogold at the HOB. Sadly, upon our arrival we discovered tickets were sold out. We decided to wander around downtown for awhile and headed over to Horton Plaza. A man recited a poem to us (which was actually really good), Tina bought some candy from See's, and then we decided to catch the trolley back to Chula Vista. We hung out at her house for a solid couple hours. I met her family and pets, and then we just chatted/kept getting distracted on figuring out where we wanted to eat. I introduced her to yelp.com and we randomly selected a restaurant in Hillcrest (because we thought they served breakfast all day). So, we hop in the car and make our way to Hillcrest and find the place. We open the door and to face a black curtain. We hesitantly walk in and are told to seat ourselves. We studied the menu to find no breakfast items are being served. However, wild boar is being served...along with many other exotic meats. We decided to bail and go on a search for breakfast food. After a tour of Hillcrest, Mission Hills, and North Park...we decide to go back to Chula Vista and just eat at Carrow's (which I thought was Coco's) because we knew it would be open. Our mission had been accomplished and it had been a lovely evening. I am now determined to compile a list of restaurant's/coffee houses/hangouts (in categories) that are opened late, 24 hours if possible.

Today, my family decided it was time to unpack the boxes in the small garage. It turned out to be a good day: brisk fall weather, old pictures, random stuff we didn't remember having, a three page letter from an old boyfriend where my last name is spelled incorrectly, the projector and film reels from gummy and poppy, the original clue board game was found! (thank the Lord), and many many other surprises. I now need to go through two boxes of old pictures and get them organized, watch those home movies, and play a few board games. :)

Life is just so lovely.



A-Attached or Single?

B-Best Friend?
Montes, Karin, and Scotty.

C- Cake or Pie?
I love pie. Notice my birthday cake.

D- Day of choice?
Lately, I have enjoyed most days equally.
Sunday = Football.
Monday = How I Met Your Mother.
Tuesday = Class.
Wednesday = Half way through.
Thursday = Class and The Office.
Friday = Well, Friday.
Saturday = Well, Saturday.

E- Essentail Item?
Lately, a good book and/or my sketch book.

F-Favorite Color?
Beer Yellow.

G- Gummy bears or Worms?
Bears. They bounce here and there and everywhere.

Chula Vista, CA

I- Favorite Indulgence?
Clothes. Shopping. Designing. Making. I just love clothes.

J- January or July?

K- Kids?
Someday. I love kids and, for now, being an aunt and babysitting is enough.

L- Life isn't complete without?

M- Marriage Date?

N- Number of Brothers and Sisters?
One sister. One brother(-in-law). One twin brother(-in-law).

P- Phobia and Fears?
Not reaching my full potential.

Q- Quote?
"We're really not that different, just a few steps from exploding." Rocky Votolato. I am obsessive when it comes to quotes. I write quotes down constantly.

R- Reasons to smile?
I am the happiest I have ever been and only the best is yet to come.

S- Season?

T-Tag 3 people.
Erin, you're it. Any other two people to read this, you are also "it".

U- Unknown Fact about me?
I used to be deathly shy. I wouldn't even order my own food.

V- Vegetable?

W- Worst habit?
Fidgeting. I bite my nails. Play with my hair. Play with my ring. Pick at the seam of my jeans. I fidget when i'm uncomfortable or have something to say but am too nervous to say it.

X- Ray or Ultra Sound?
I have had both within the past year. Neither is exciting.

Y- Your favorite food?
Vegetarian spaghetti.

Z- Zodiac sign?