laryngitis...i hope not.

woke up with a sore throat this morning. it feels like i'm getting sick but i'm very much hoping it's just laryngitis. i haven't had laryngitis since last year. (for those of you who are unfamiliar with my relationship with laryngitis...i used to get laryngitis about 7-10 times a year.) i still have the majority of my voice and i'm definitely drinking soy chai tea because it is a cure all.

i officially have a job! i got the "we are offering you a position" call the same day i posted "this is ridiculous that i am still unemployed". i am now a barista at the starbucks on telegraph canyon. the same one mel works at. i go in on friday to fill out all of the paperwork and, i think, do some training. once i get in the swing of this job i plan on picking up another one. i need to build up my savings.

i miss being a student. that's really all i have to say about that.

i will be turning twenty-one in a week and a half. i will be going to a champagne brunch with my family on the actual day and then celebrating during the week with montes since she turns twenty-one two days after me. i want to get sushi and sake with wesley and montes some time during the week or week after. i am thrilled to no longer be limited to all ages shows. i can go to any show i want now. thank the lord. i don't agree with breaking the law, but i would have got myself a fake ID just to go to quality shows.

i have been getting back into the swing of sewing. i plan on designing some nursing tops for nichole because they are so expensive in the store, not to mention the selection and options are limited. i have been knitting often and currently i am making a stocking for jude and a sweater for molly. most christmas gifts will be handmade this year. =)

with that said...i end with this:

My name is: stephanie.

My age is: twenty, almost twenty-one.

I live in: california.

My relationship status is: single.

Tell us a little bit about your home, is it a condo, apt, house, mobile home, yurt,etc : house. brand new home. my family and i moved in a little over a year ago. five bedroom, 3 1/2 bath. huge back yard complete with swimming pool and jacuzzi. i like this house very much.

My decorating style is: ever changing.

How many children and/or pets: no children. one family pet. cocker spaniel, age 14, named molly. i miss my fishy, damien.

Something domestic I could use help with: keeping plants alive. i'm good at everything else.

My favorite "guilty pleasure" is: watching the television show skins.

My favorite domestic activity is: baking, knitting, sewing, any crafts.

My least favorite domestic chore is: vacuuming.

I found this community through (referral from member, community promo, random, etc.): erin.

Please list any special talents or interests: knitting, sewing, baking...anything domestic really.