Hooray for airplanes!

Leaving for Minnesota tomorrow. I'm really excited. I've never been to that part of the country and it will be Andrew and my first real trip together. I love visiting new places and I can't wait to see what is in store.


Does that make me a quitter?

I was offered a job tutoring for $20/hr and I did all of the paperwork, got set up, read through all of the information and manuals, and then I decided that it was more of a commitment than I was hoping for. I decided to not accept the position (or I suppose quit) because I didn't want this much responsibility. I have a track record of deciding to do something and then if I am not happy with the decision I back out. I can see where this could be a bad quality, but I figure overall I am a responsible person and I don't continue with things because they make me unhappy or depressed and stressed.

I am lucky to have a steady job already and Bill (the book guy at Charter) offers me more hours at work if I want them. I proctor the SATs about once a month. I also babysit at least once a month. I was accepted to SDSU in the fall, and I want the time and sanity to do well there.

Sometimes I just get really down on myself for making decisions and then changing my mind. I know in the end I go about the final decision in the right way for myself, but it is still discouraging to let down other people.


can it be coachella time yet? please?