31 days to clean; 30 day photo challenge; 6 weeks to Christmas

So. I'm starting to think I'm feeling the school void in the life because I am aiming to complete these three projects starting this month.

First: 31 Days to Clean.
Each day there is a short passage to read that is encouraging, uplifting, and positive, which is then followed by a challenge of spirit and a challenge of cleanliness. I am on day three (cleaning/polishing/dusting kitchen cabinets and top of the refrigerator). I am a big fan of lists and schedules (and cleanliness), so this challenge should go rather well.

Second: 30 Day Photo Challenge
My friend Megan (managingchaosanddinner.blogspot.com/) shared this with me and I decided to join in. Each day there is a topic of which you are to photograph. Again, on day three and the first three pictures are a self-portrait, what you wore, and clouds. I really would like to take more pictures everyday and not just on "special occasions". My only complaint so far is that I am supposed to be in quite a few of the photos. How can I take the picture if I'm in it? I guess that's the creativity challenge. I'll post the pictures on here (best I can) each day.

Third: 6 Weeks to Christmas
I think I am most excited about this plan. This website sends you daily emails about how to prepare for Christmas in six weeks, leaving you done and prepared just before the week before Christmas. :) I love Christmas and planning for it will not be a chore.

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