to-dos and to-don'ts

I guess I haven't been keeping up with posting as I hoped I would. I think it comes down to the fact that I just haven't been all that thrilled with life lately. I seem to mostly just work and go to school. Andrew and I are still on opposite schedules for the most part. (Literally opposite, I pull into our alley at 3:30pm and he is usually leaving for work at that same time...it's depressing). By Thursdays (Andrew's only consistent day off) we are pretty much going on about how we haven't really seen each other all week. We spend much less time together now, than we did when we lived apart. I cannot wait until I'm through with school. I want free time! I miss going out with my friends, I miss having friends.

Last night, Andrew and I both had Friday night off (amazing). So we went out to dinner with Ty and Jordan ended up meeting us there. We went to Blind Lady Ale House. Andrew said he didn't really think the prices were worth it, but I really enjoyed this place. BLAH is family friendly and the food was yummy. I had Spring Vegetable Risotto. So delicious. After BLAH, we came back to the apartment and waited for Crystal, Kalen, Johanna, Andrea, and two other cousins of Crystal's to come over. We all walked down to U31 to celebrate Johanna's birthday. I had never been to U31, and it ended up being a better venue than I expected. Luckily, we got there before 10 pm so we didn't have to pay a cover. Seth, Ian, Danielle, Gerry, and Marco all joined us there. We enjoyed our night of dancing and drinking. The group all headed back to the apartment around 1:30 or so. Andrew made everyone enchilada's and we stayed up talking, playing music, and laughing until about 3:30 this morning. Andrew and I cleaned up the kitchen after everyone left and then we went to bed.

I didn't realize how much I missed my friends. I rarely see them anymore and I usually make excuses not to go out because I am tired from my hectic schedule. But I really need to push myself to go out more and see them. I love them. They really brighten my mood and lift my spirits. Luckily, I'll be going out with them next week for the baseball game.

Staying up so late last night really threw me off today. I woke up late, ran some errands with Andrew, took a nap after Andrew went to work, and then kind of just did nothing the rest of the evening. I really wanted to get through all of my assignments today, but I just wasn't motivated. I did do my MUSIC 106 assignment though. I guess I got something done. Here is my home stretch to-do list for approaching Finals!

MUSIC 106:
• Assignment #3: Due May 9th
• Discussion Board: Due May 9th
• Concert Review: Due May 14th I think.

SOC 408:
• Read and Code fieldnotes
• Write research paper: Due May 10th

SOC 433:
• Extra Credit Paper (topic-Obama's Policies): Due May 5th
• Extra Credit Documentary Summary: Due May 19th?
• Complete any reading I haven't yet
• 1 Pop Quiz left
• Online Final

• 1 Quiz left
• Final

SOC 403:
• Finish my Klein paper (1 - 1 1/2 page more): Due May 5th
• Study for Final: May 5th

SOC 350:
• Final: May 17th

I also need to register for summer classes on the 10th of May, come up with some ideas for Mother's Day, Andrew's mom's birthday is this month, my dad's birthday is this month, and I need to remember to sleep, eat, and breath this month. I really don't have too much school work left, I'm just so completely over it.

Well, Andrew should be home from work soon. I really need to be entertained.


SDSU Jazz Combo


Today is a new day, and this new day just won't end. I have been on campus since 8:30 am this morning and will not be home until about 8 pm tonight. Tuesdays are normally my long day, but I had to attend a jazz concert after my last class. Luckily, I like music. So, I suppose it's a nice way to end the day.

As for ending this semester...? I'm swamped. I have quite a few pages to read and quite a few papers to write by next week. More than one of my professors thought it was a good decision to push the last day of class up. Good that we end early, bad I have so much to do.

Can it be august? Can I be on a vacation somewhere?


Work work work.

Today, I left work two hours early so I could come home and do more work. I've been working on homework for hours. I finished everything due tomorrow, but now I'm working on next weeks assignments. Odds are Andrew will come home to me asleep with my book next me. I'll be at school tomorrow from 9:30 am until 7ish pm. Sigh. I'll write more tomorrow.


What I wore.

I've been trying to lay out an outfit the night before work (and sometimes school), so I have more time to the morning to sleep. Here is what I wore to work today (better pictures in the future, sorry):

Skirt - ModCloth
Button-up - New York & Co./Hand-me-down
Cardigan - not sure what store it's from, it's a long story how I got this cardigan
Tights - Target
Pointed Flats - JCPenney
Owl Necklace - Forever 21

I really love this skirt, and ModCloth for that matter. I got the skirt on sale for just $10! It's really well made too. Lined, nice weight to the material, and POCKETS! I adore any dress or skirt that includes pockets. I really wish ModCloth had a store front because they would be my go to store. If you have never shopped on their website, I highly recommend it. Where is you favorite place to shop to clothes?


The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

(I do not blog much, but today I start)

This semester, my music class is what keeps me sane and actually excited to learn. Now, the irony of this sanity-keeper is that my music class is psychedelic rock of the 1960s (oh yeah!). To quote my professor, "I'm afraid if a Psychedelic Rock class is 'keeping you sane', you are probably well beyond all hopes of sanity." He is right, I left the idea of sanity long ago when I decided six classes and working and planning a wedding was in my realm of do-able. More on that later...

Last Tuesday, I didn't go to school because I woke up with what was the worst headache I have ever experienced. I tragically realized the following day that I missed the lecture in my music class about Arthur Brown! Needless to say, I was heartbroken. If you are unfamiliar with Arthur Brown, He is the God of hell fire and he brings you FIRE!

The Backstory
I had never heard of Arthur Brown until this class. At the beginning of the semester, I was listening to our class playlist with my mom, Nichole, and Andrew and we got to Arthur Brown's Fire. My mom stopped talking (mid-sentence) to began saying "I am the God of hell fire...and I bring you..." She then began dancing whimsically around the room to the music. It was great and strange. Since then, Andrew started looking into Arthur Brown and we saw he definitely was the God of hell fire (referencing the image of him with his head on fire). We luckily found The Crazy World of Arthur Brown on vinyl at our local record store and bought it.

Now remember, I have been looking forward to this lecture all semester. Andrew and my mom have asked me continually "when do you learn about Arthur Brown?" We had a little obsession. So, missing this lecture was devastating. However, I decided to approach my professor after class and request extra information about this Arthur Brown. He said he had some fantastic videos to share with me and just to send him an email. So I did...the moment I left class. I explained our obsession and he agreed further knowledge was certainly necessary. Here are those videos for you all to enjoy:

"dig the poor, lost soul who wanders into the picture at 1:35" -Professor Simgel

"great interview in which Brown discusses some of the challenges to donning a fire helmet" - Professor Smigel

"photo documentation of an inevitable costume mishap" -Professor Smigel

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I will! (I haven't watched them yet, I'm saving them for after my last class today.)



four more months
four more months
four more months
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four more months
four more months
four more months
four more months
four more months
four more months
four more months
four more months
four more months
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four more months

I am really over school.