I love autumn and Christmas.

I know what you're thinking...it's August! I am just not a summer girl and I am so anxious to celebrate the holidays without being a student. Being a college student and trying to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas is without a doubt difficult. I have loved this particular time of year since I was young, and now that I can decorate my own apartment and share this warm time of year with my wonderful fiancé is just thrilling.

Now...to get to the actual point:

I figured out what I can make for Thanksgiving this year. I have been vegetarian for five years now and any holiday dinner is difficult to create and/or contribute to while still complimenting the other entrees and sides. However, today I made quinoa stuffed peppers for lunch and they were delicious, filling, and friendly to even the stubbornest of meat eaters. So, I thought "I shall make quinoa stuffed acorn squash for this Thanksgiving". I think with the quinoa and the squash...already yummy...I will add dried cranberries, walnuts, and celery. I can season the quinoa with cumin and maybe some allspice. I can't wait!

Now, Christmas. I decided to hand make all of our Christmas cards this year. I started searching for inspiration a month or so ago, and today I started cutting and arranging some paper in a Christmas-y and crafty fashion. I hope they come out as cute as I am picturing them in my head.

In other news:
* I will be finished with my BA on the 17th of this month. (beyond thrilled)
* I have about six projects (craft) going on at once. (feels great to have leisure time again)
* Andrew and I went to Borders yesterday to take advantage of their "GoingOutOfBusinessSale" and I found the Ender's Game series on sale! (If you haven't read Ender's Game I highly recommend it, don't let the Sci-fi genre turn you off)

I hope everyone is having a beautiful summer and has brilliant plans for the fall.

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