Prop 9 and 10.

I have read over all of the California Propositions and have come to a decision on how I will vote, with the exception of these two. I want to hear what others have to say about them. 

California Proposition 9, or the Victims' Rights and Protection Act of 2008, is an initiative in California that would alter laws governing victim's rights in California. If it passes, it will amend the California Constitution to give enforceable rights to the families of crime victims. More on Prop. 9.

California Proposition 10, also known as the California Alternative Fuels Initiative, is an initiated state statute. Proposition 10 is one of two ballot initiatives focusing on alternative fuels that will appear on the November 4th ballot in California. The other measure, Proposition 7, is sometimes referred to as Big Solar while Prop. 10 is sometimes referred to as Big Wind. More on Prop. 10.


Goodbye LJ, Hello Blogger.

After exploring Erin's blog a bit further, I realized that livejournal bothers me. I don't use livejournal to it's full potential and it isn't organized very well. So, here I am. If anyone has any tips or tricks for blogger share them please. :)


Tomorrow, I have performance examination for a clerical position for the San Diego County Office of Education. I have absolutely no idea what sort of performances they will be examining, but it will take about an hour and a half. I'm thinking basic math skills and testing my wpm capabilities, but those two things could not possibly take over an hour...so it will be a bit of a surprise. Hopefully, a job pulls through very very soon. I plan on applying at forever 21 once I find out what the deal is with the SDCOE job. Also, Mel said that her manager will be hiring at starbucks soon. I plan on taking on two jobs so I can seriously put some money away for when it comes time to move out next summer. 

Only five more sessions of my statistical analysis for cognitive sciences class and I really do think I'm going to miss it. That is my only class this semester, my eight week, night class at the National City campus. The higher education campus in National City is great. I wish I would have taken more classes at that campus instead of the main one. It is newer, better parking, indoors, and smaller. The professor who is teaching my class has been fantastic (clearly, if she got me to enjoy stats), my classmates are vocal, and the topics we discuss really get you thinking. I am going to miss school. I am (forcefully) taking spring semester off and not looking forward to it. I truly enjoy school and learning...it's too bad that my career can't be a student. 

Let's see, what else is going on this week or in upcoming weeks?

The Office premieres tomorrow and I am thoroughly giddy! If you need to catch up...let me help you out: Last Season Finale. And if you have never seen the show...I demand you rent every season and take a day off from everything and just watch the show. You will not be disappointed. My biggest hopes for the new season is that the new HR person continues to believe that Kevin is mentally retarded. By far that is the best thing the writers have ever come up with. I really wanted to host a premiere party, but of course I have a quiz tomorrow in my class. Usually, quizzes are given at the beginning of class, tomorrow the quiz will be given at the end after the remainder of the lecture. So, I will be dvring The Office and not having a gathering. 

As far as knitting projects go, I'm almost through with my second sweater. This time I'm knitting a cardigan for my mom. Here is the first sweater I knit: 
After I finish the cardigan for my mom, I'm going to start working on a Christmas stocking for Jude. Wesley's aunt made his Christmas stocking and he still uses it, so I thought I would make Jude his. I'm going to try felting for this project, hopefully it comes out as lovely as I think it will. My hope is to make all of the gifts I give this Christmas, we'll see how that pans out. 

Fall is officially here and I'm antsy for autumn weather. I do not enjoy the heat and have been eager for cold weather since, like, May. Fall means: California Adventure (if you click the link, you will understand why fall means California Adventure), my twenty-first birthday, Christmas, and then New Years. I haven't have a quality birthday or New Year's in a few years...so I am really hoping this year pulls through for me. 

Well, I am going to do some reading and then perhaps sketch a bit before going to sleep. Goodbye LJ, Hello Blogger.