New School, New Place, New Life.

There have been so many new things going on lately and I have been so unmotivated oddly. However, let us get through the new and exciting before I get into the old and the boring.

New School:
I will be attending SDSU this fall and I am determined to only leave this school with a diploma in my hand. I transfered to State from San Marcos (which I transfered to from Southwestern) as a junior in Sociology. The most exciting news is I should only have three semesters remaining. Unfortunately, each of those semesters will have me registering for 15 units. But alas, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I am indeed taking five classes this semester, to ensure my graduation date be sooner rather than later. I will be taking:
• Anthropology 439 - Cultural Comparison Through Film
• Geology 303 - Natural Disasters
• Soc 250 - Introduction To Social Research
• Soc 401 - Social Theory
• RWS 305 - Writng In Various Settngs

I feel as though my semester will be very well-rounded and I hope to be interested in my classes.

New Apartment:
Andrew, Ty, and I will be moving to North Park in September. Nichole and Wesley's building had a few units open and Wesley is the onsite manager so he showed us the two bedroom. Our applications were accepted and we will be moving in a couple of weeks. I am excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. I think I am overwhelmed because school will be starting the same week we will be moving, plus the three of us are going to a music festival in LA on the 4th of September. (Bored all summer and now everything is happening at once.) It will be interesting to live with boys, one of them being my boyfriend. I have a hunch I will quickly become the mom of the house and I suppose that's okay.

Luckily, the only big item we need to buy is a couch. I have two coffee tables (one of which can be used to set the television on), most of what we need for our kitchen, and a dining table. We don't think there will be enough room for a dining table, but I really like my table and hope it fits. There are a few other items that we will need to get over time, but a sofa is top priority.

Other News:
Not a thing. I thing starting school and moving is enough for now. I will be much happier come October once we are settled, school is in full swing, I have adjusted to my work schedule changing, and hopefully it will be crisp and autumn-like.

I hope all is well with you and you have something to look forward to. =)