one day. four days. four shifts. six days.

Karin and I sign our lease tomorrow. I am working an opening shift tomorrow, so I'll be off at 8:45am. I still have a few more boxes to pack to take with me to my apartment. I have a lot to do within the next week.

Tomorrow - 4:30am: Work (Starbucks)
9:00am: Packing
11:00am: Selling my DS
1:00pm: Heading up to Escondido
2:00pm: Signing my lease!
rest of the day: unpack a little and relax.

Saturday - BBQ with my family. Nichole, Wesley, and Jude are coming over. Andrew is coming also, which I'm quite happy about.
I'm not sure what else is planned for the day, but I think i want to venture out to see fireworks.

Sunday - 6:45am: Work (Starbucks)
1:00pm: Officially moving.
7:00pm: Tina's Birthday Celebration.
Spending our first night in the apartment. =)

Monday - I have to come down to C.V. to get a TB test. Andrew has the day off so maybe we can do something fun.

Tuesday - 4:30am: Work (Starbucks)
2:30am: Signing my paperwork for Charter.

Wednesday - I'll have to go back to get my TB test checked. So, back down to C.V.

Thursday - Hopefully, this will be my start date for Charter.

Saturday - My last shift at Starbucks.

Everything is coming together. lovely lovely. Much more in the weeks to come. I will post pictures of the new place!