I cannot believe the last time I posted was at the beginning of the school semester. Goes to show you starting school (at a new school), moving, and a million zillion other things leads to not wasting much time doing stuff like blogging. I feel like the past five months has raced by in slow motion. (That makes perfect sense, trust me). I not only took the five courses that I listed in my last post, but I brilliantly added another fast track course half way through the semester. I took six, count 'em, six classes this semester. I also did pretty well overall and did a whole lotta coursework. I'm happy to be [almost] through with my semester and pulling off mostly A's and B's with only one C (in Geology). Our apartment is now certainly a home and my roommates are delightful boys. One of which is now my fiancé. Andrew proposed just before my birthday in November and I couldn't be more thrilled to be engaged. I would love to start planning a beautiful wedding that I want to personally craft (craft being the key word here) myself...but alas, school blows and I must finish.

Overall, my life is work, school, and Andrew. I try to see friends, but my friends are just as busy or tired as I am. I have so many art supplies, craft items, materials, cameras (yes, plural), yada yada yada, in our bedroom that I'm beginning to think they are taking over. Unfortunately, I hardly touch any of it due to my godawful schedule.

Now that I've gone through the "this is this and that is that" onto:

I love this time of year and really wish school didn't get in the way of enjoying it. Finals really cramp my style. I have a million things to knit, a billion cookies to bake, and a zillion lights to look at. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant New Year.