I really want to compile an excellent music collection. Vinyls and CDs alike. I am not accepting suggestions for necessity and donations as well. :)


pet sitting.

Well, I am pet sitting for my Sister and Wesley this weekend in North Park. I really enjoy North Park and so far things have been going well. I came over to Chole and Wesley's around two yesterday and Andrew met me there. Andrew and I ran some errands and stopped by Trader Joes on the way back to the apartment to pick up things for dinner. I made whole wheat spaghetti pasta with purple asparagus and artichoke hearts. We had mini baguettes with it (which we decided are just bread sticks) and red wine. Everything was really good, although I wish i would have added some butter to the pasta and topped it with parmesan cheese.

Speaking of Andrew, things could not be going any better. We have both said that it feels like he have just finally made up from all those years ago. It is still amazing to me that we missed each other so much for years but it took until now to start again. It's amazing and so is he. Bliss.

Back to the pets...

Henry hasn't been feeling very well yesterday or today. I woke up at six a.m. this morning to the sound of him throwing up on his bed. When I took him on his morning walk, he definitely had issues. He seems to be feeling better now. Winston hasn't eaten since Nichole and Wesley left yesterday. I'm thinking he just doesn't feel comfortable with them gone. He has done this every time I watch over them. Both of the animals have been having staring contests with each other all evening. They both don't seem to enjoy it, so it baffles me why they continue to follow each other around.

Currently, a neighbor is blasting the Rolling Stones. Things are pretty quiet in the apartment and I getting bored. I can't decide what I want to do with all of this alone time. I went clothes shopping earlier thanks to the generosity of Gummy. I ended up getting a dress, skirt, tank top, earrings, and a belt...so far. I plan to go shopping again next week when the stores aren't so crowded and I can look better.

That is the skirt that I got. There is another skirt that I really liked but they didn't have my size. Hopefully, another store will have it.

I am becoming more bored by the minute. Off to find something to do I suppose.