current excitements.

in order of occurrence.

• the blazer i didn't plan on buying but did.

• sushi tomorrow.

• new music from my co-worker.

• animal collective on thursday
- scotty going to animal collective. (kyle too for that matter.)

• Coachella!
- the bathing suit i knit for coachella. (almost finished)
- the other bathing suit i plan on knitting.
- "pandas can't silence me." t-shirt.
- tie dye.
- tina and i being mischievous. =)

being optimistic and finding the good is always way better than dwelling on what's bad. i invite you to share your current excitements in your life.


So apparently.

My ex-boyfriends are forgiving me and asking to be friends again, one by one. I don't understand the turn of events/change of heart and it's making me suspcious and overwhelmed. I need a counseling session pronto.


Come this summer...

i cannot wait for someone to turn the fan on.

Always in my bed.

Well, it took a few days but my dad finally noticed the cat stuck in his emmy. His hiding place was in the middle of my bed...under my fitted sheet.



so there has been a "note" floating around facebook where you jot down 25 random facts about yourself and i have thoroughly enjoyed reading them. i thought i would continue the trend on my blog, seeing as how that would be an appropriate place to post such information. i will add things to this post as i think of them from here on out.

[1] every seven years (unless there is a leap year) my birthday falls on thanksgiving.

[2] i have only have one sibling (an older sister who is three years older than me) however when asked how many siblings i have i will always say three and count my brother-in-law and his twin brother.

[3] i was able to whistle to a tune by the age of three. my sister is unable to whistle.

[4] i am a vegetarian and have been for about two years now. i have never liked the taste of meat and therefore do not eat it. being vegetarian has nothing to do with animal rights for me because i believe we were meant to eat meat.

[5] i regret not studying architecture and think about changing my major almost everyday. 

[6] my vision is terrible and without corrected lenses i cannot even see the "E" on the eye chart. 

[7] i used to be painfully shy up until eleventh grade. today, i can't remember what being shy feels like. 

[8] i took german for four years and i am bitter that i cannot speak or understand the language due to a terrible teacher.

[9] i don't try a lot of things because i am afraid i will not be good enough at it. 

[10] i am constantly thinking of other things when i am not speaking. i feel really rude for doing this but i have never been able to slow my thoughts down.

[11] i am extremely jealous and bitter that my sister got all of my parents records, although she asked for the first and fairly.

[12] my favorite color is beer yellow, my favorite number is four, and my favorite animal is a wombat. i have little to no reasoning behind any of these decisions.

[13] i was seventeen when i had my first kiss.

[14] i have visited four countries outside of the U.S., but i have never been to mexico even though i live ten minutes from the border.

[15] i miss hanging out with boys.

[16] it took me a very long time to feel comfortable with my pale complection. i was extremely embarrassed of how pale i was up until a couple years ago. 

[17] it really bothers me when people are mean. i automatically feel the need to stick up for the other person.

[18] i sometimes wish i wasn't as responsible as i am and it amazes me that people can be careless.

[19] it is annoying when i tell people i am a psychology major and they ask that i don't analyze them. 

[20] bare walls make me uncomfortable.

[21] i'm really weird about having people over to my house and i'm hoping that changes when i move into my own place.

[22] i am dyslexic and say things in the wrong order often, especially if i'm tired.

[23] i remember next to nothing from when i dated boyfriend number three and i think it's because i was so depressed that i don't want to remember it.

[24] i was a cutter for nearly three years and only two people knew. i am still angry at them for not telling anyone to help me. 

[25] i feel like my past choices are held against me way too much and really want to be forgiven.

[26] i was extremely upset when my fish damien died five months ago and even more upset when no one really seemed to show sympathy. 

[27] i judge everyone by how they interact with the people around them, not by how they interact with me.

[28] i judge books by their covers and will choose to read something solely because the cover is pretty or unique.

[29] i feel like a better person each time i finish a book.
[29 1/2] i feel a little less intelligent anytime i read chick lit because every main character is frustrating in her decisions.

[30] i am basically a boy when it comes to humor and relationships. i have come to accept it. 

[31] i was told by a professor to consider writing screen-plays as a career after reading my final project.

[32] i have been published and only told scotty, my sister, and wesley because i didn't want anyone to want to read what i wrote.

[33] i rearrange my furniture or bake something when i am feeling down.

[34] i enjoy "old man" alcoholic drinks (rum and coke, jack and coke, gin and tonic, dark dark beer) and do not understand the point of drinking alcohol unless you can taste the alcohol. 

[35] drugs terrify me and make me extremely uncomfortable.

[36] i wish i was inspired at much more convenient times but i always seem to want to make art or try something new when it isn't an option.

[37] i think i would make an excellent wife and mom and joked that i should have been looking for a husband when i was unemployed instead of a job.

[38] i have always wanted  to make a list of things to do before i die but every time i start to think about what i would put on the list i can only come up with "nearly everything."

[39] i can and will fall asleep anywhere and everywhere.

[40] i dream of having two libraries. one full of music. one full of books.

[41] i get my hair cut or dye it myself when i am bored.

[42] when i'm nervous i pick at the seam of my jeans or twist the gold ring i wear on my right hand. 

[43] i had never mourned a relationship after a break up until my last break up. i mourned all my other relationships at that time and it felt really good.

[44] i am a really good gift giver and it bothers me that i am too poor to give gifts these days.
[44 1/2] the best gift i ever gave was a build-a-bear that resembled my boyfriend at the time. i would be really disappointed if he ever got rid of it and fear that he has.

[45] i think my best physical feature is my butt and i'm certainly not afraid to admit it.

[46] i was in choir and sang a lot in school stuff as a kid and secretly wish i could sing in front of people. although if asked to sing, i won't.

[47] i miss attending church but if i were to go again i know i wouldn't like it.

[48] my first memory is from when i was only three or four months old. my mom didn't believe me that i remembered what i did but you can start building a memory at three months old, most just can't remember anything before four or five. 

[49] i wish i were much more intelligent but i'm not sure in what way.

[50] i had a pet turtle that my dad found in our front yard.

[51] i sleep to one side (practically on the edge) of the bed even if i'm sleep alone. it doesn't matter how big or small the bed is.

[52] i love surprises and wish people did them more often.

[53] i once had laryngitis seven times in one year. 

[54] i have nine stitches in my chin from splitting it open on a vhs cassette tape. 

[55] my orthodontist pulled a tooth out on accident, therefore i wasn't numbed at all.

[56] i have a high tolerance of pain.

[57] i have decided to end relationships because i didn't like their family and couldn't imagine being apart of it.

[58] i am paranoid about losing friends because i have lost friendships that meant and still mean the world to me. i am constantly worried my friends will just stop speaking to me. 

[59] i dislike being told what to do and i often want to do the opposite just out of spite. 

[60] if i had a better income, i would travel often. i want to be able to go to the airport and pick the cheapest, soonest to leave flight and spend weekends that way. someday i hope to be able to do this.

[61] i love reading out loud. 

[62] being late makes my stomach hurt. 

[63] up until a few years ago, i was a lucid dreamer.

[64] depressing movies are quite possibly my favorite.

[65] i have one tattoo and i am dying for another one.

[66] i have my ears pierced six times. (three holes in each)

[67] i hate roller coasters but i have been on enough of them to determine this. 

[68] it bothers me when people make up their minds about things before they have tried it themselves.

[69] i feel more confident when i'm wearing heels.

[70] dinosaurs terrify me but i love them.
[70 1/2] this goes for birds also.

[71] i am in love with airports and if the security wasn't so strict, i would hang out in them. 

[72] i do not know how to ride a bike and don't really have a desire to learn.

[73] i have been knitting since i was four or so. i have knit two sweaters (along with many other items).

[74] thought provoking conversations are my addiction and give me a high.

[75] i am dreading the day molly (my dog of 15 years) dies. 

[76] my sister and i look and sound so much alike, we could easily be mistaken for one another and often are.

[77] i have excellent genes and am going to look much younger than i really am my whole life.

[78] i didn't think my sister's wedding was going to be that big of a deal for me, however i cried before the wedding, during the wedding, and during the speeches at the reception.  i'm glad it had a lot of meaning for me after all.

[79] if you knew my three years ago, you would be shocked to hear that i love spending time with my family.

[80] i don't understand why anyone wouldn't like school. i love it.

[81] music is essential.

[82] i played the violin for four years.

[83] my second favorite animal is the bearcat because they are literally the bums of the zoo. their endangerment is loss of habitat.

[84] my handwriting is not up to my standards.

[85] i know my life is boring when karin hasn't called me to tell me "i know what you did." 

[86] i have grown to really enjoy watching football.

[87] i'm not a beach person at all but i couldn't imagine not living near one because that is how i tell direction. 

[88] i miss the time when holding hands with a boy i liked was overwhelmingly exciting. 

[89] my first concert was elton john and i was eleven. i have seen him twice more since then. 

[90] i don't think i will ever go to the wild animal park ever again.

[91] i will answer any personal questions without hesitation.

[92] i dislike being in front of a camera. 

[93] i draw circles on the inside of my forearm or on my thigh with my finger when i can't sleep. 

[94] i'm a lot tougher than i look.

[95] if you ever have a problem with me, just tell me. odds are i am completely unaware of it.

[96] i think girls are crazy and tell my guy friends this constantly. 

[97] my dad is my hero fully and completely.

[98] i want four kids and i would love to have all boys.

[99] it has to be completely dark for me to get a good nights sleep.

[100] there is a small orange stuffed cat that my family and i have been hiding throughout the house for the past five years. 

[101] i was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck.

[102] i am in love with a fictional character. (jim halpert)

[103] i love flowers and plants...but i am incapable of keeping them alive.

[104] my nephew changed my life. 

[105] i bite my nails unless they are painted.

[106] i play solitaire a lot, but i rarely ever win.

[107] i have a thing about volume numbers. the television has to be set on multiples of five and my stereo has to be on multiples of five as well, however seven and seventeen are also acceptable.

[108] i enjoy playing sims when i feel like i don't have control over my own life. that's completely heathly.

[109] i would wear makeup daily if i didn't have to wash my face at night. 

[110] both of my thumbs are double jointed.