day six of my headache. i've taken medication twice (which is a huge deal for me) to help relieve the pain. i also requested an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow. i really just want to not have a headache anymore.


come pick me up. take me out. steal my records.

oh, ryan adams...how you capture my thoughts exactly.

my short-lived crush on my co-worker was just that, short-lived. my interest in him was triggered by what seemed like flirting on his part. i decided i wasn't turned off to the idea of liking him (which i know, sweet of me right?). however, i didn't want to make any effort. those feelings involved into "okay okay, i like him". unfortunately once i make up my mind about something, i have a really difficult time sitting back and not doing anything. so, i invited the boy co-worker (as he is referenced to by myself/friends in the know) to a couple of outings, which he seemed interested in...but wasn't available. now i have no idea if he was flirting, no idea if i like him, and no idea how to act. on top of all of this boy nonsense, karin and i came to the realization that i am always the one to initiate a relationship. i have never been pursued or even asked out on a date. i feel as though i am, in fact, a catch and deserve to be asked out. now...before i get ahead of myself...i suppose i do get hit on by insanely creepy guys. boy co-worker told me about the regular who has a crush on me. he is in his late twenties/early thirties, asked me my age because he thought i was seventeen, and is married. vomit. to sum up, i am getting tired of being the girl boys like being friends with while secretly having feelings for and always needing to do all of the work.


okay, moving on.

in much better news, i am going to hamburg next month with my parents. it will only be for a couple of days, but it's germany! i was on edge about it for a few days because technically i'm paying for my plane ticket when i'm living paycheck to paycheck, our trip is during a "no requests off" time at work, and i had already requested the following weekend off for coachella. i spoke to my manager today and all is square. i leave for germany on the ninth and return on the thirteenth. i can work the fourteenth through the sixteenth. then, i leave for indio, california on the sixteenth and return on the twentieth. i will be an extremely tired but happy girl by the end of april.

on the subject of spending money i don't have, i called charter (gag) yesterday to discuss working for them again (gag). they are planning on opening a site in...

wait for it...

wait for it...


seriously?! how perfect would that be. i could work open shifts at starbucks (fingers crossed i can transfer to one up there because i love my job), get off around nine or ten, work at charter from about ten until three, and then go to school in the evening. i wouldn't have a life again! it would be so amazingly awful and fantastic at the same time. my hopes are way too up. i really don't think i would have any other option though. starbucks pays terribly but i love working there so much i refuse to quit. charter pays wonderfully, but i hate working there. so if i can work both, it will balance right? RIGHT!

i'm so very delirious. i've been up for over twelve hours and have work in ten hours. do the math if you care. i'm painfully sun burnt on one leg (stop picking on me sun). and i'm off to have dinner with melissa and her family. i think mel and i are dating, i'm convinced of it actually.

this post got more and more delusional as i wrote on. enjoy and comment something equally as delusional.

i almost forgot...happy belated pi day. the following is what i made (completely from scratch) for the occasion:

strawberry rhubarb pie.

mini pecan tarlets.

my favorite by far.

I need to keep up with the kitteh better.


Saying good-bye to my "space"

i deleted my account on myspace today and honestly it was about time. the only reason i held onto it for as long as i did was because melissa didn't have a facebook yet. now that all the necessary people i need to have superficial contact with are on facebook, myspace is now out the window.

now onto more realistic matters.

the get back loretta/silent comedy show last night at the ken club was so very much fun. wesley and i drove together and met up with ty, kyle, montes, and danny. i was happy for wesley that he got to reunite with old friends have wasn't forced into hanging out with his (although extremely cool) little sister. all three bands were completely enjoyable and i got to dance until my little heart was content. i am thrilled when i attend shows with kyle because he is right there with me dancing without a care.

i am really hoping to get back into healthy sleeping habits. as irresponsible as it is to stay out past midnight when i have work at four a.m. the following morning, i haven't yet regretted the time spent. i have been down about my relationships/friendships lately just because i came to the realization that i was friends with mainly couples. i absolutely love my closest friends but i have just been feeling somewhat lonely and seeking out attention and company. (therefore, accepting any opportunity to hang out). i am feeling much better now and am quite thankful for the friends i have. although i don't have anyone in mind, i think i am just ready to have a boyfriend again. i don't do single well and miss being a girlfriend, it would be nice to meet someone whom i could spend time with and talk to.

my thoughts are scattered currently. i blame my headache. more later.