Hot diggity dog, I'm having a good year!

This is me back when I was 17 and bought my first car. It was quite difficult making those $300 payments every month for six years on a minimum wage income, but I made it through.

Today is the day I have paid off my car in full and it belongs to meeee! I am so excited. This is truly a great feeling and I just keep thinking that the good feeling train is still headed my way.

Today is also the day I finish my Summer School Session I. This was a really difficult school year for me overall. Taking 18 units (six courses) in both the fall and the spring, and then piling on the courses in the summer so I could finish. I took three courses in six weeks. I do not recommend this. I was miserable for six weeks and certainly had no social life. But today, I will take my final exam at 10 am and then I will be done with this awful schedule. Next session (which begins on Wednesday), I will only be taking one course. This one course will be completely online and IT WILL BE MY LAST UNDERGRAD COURSE EVER! Hooray! I will be completing my degree in six weeks. Whew. Good year for me. Let's review the wonderfulness that is this year:

• Engaged to the most wonderful man.
• Making the Dean's List in the Spring of 2011 (Even though I was taking waaaay too many classes)
• Earning my bachelors degree in sociology
• Paid off my car
• Got a raise at work (working for a school, you don't expect that)
• Andrew got a raise
• Made top ten scores on Astro Blasters at Disneyland.

So much wonderfulness!

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